Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Olimexino and Windows 7

To install Maple on Windows 7 you will need to disable driver signing. Check out the following site:


  1. Hi Edgar

    Thanks! Works just fine. Here's what I did:
    1) Disable driver signing like you described
    2) Followed installation instructions in installation notes
    3) Set Olimexino to perpetual mode (press reset, during fast flash of LEDs, press second button)
    4) Started Maple IDE and loaded Examples->Digital->Button
    5) Selected Tools->Board->LeafLabs Maple Rev3+ To RAM
    6) Clicked "Upload" Button


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  3. Gruezi Reto!
    Great! you go it running on Windows 7.
    I run mine mostly on a Mac and Win XP. I haven't had time recently, but it'd be nice to start doing some sensor applications with STM32. Please be free to add your own experiences here.